Instance Property


The view to display on the right side of the standard callout bubble.


iOS, Mac Catalyst, tvOS
var rightCalloutAccessoryView: UIView? { get set }
var rightCalloutAccessoryView: NSView? { get set }


This property is set to nil by default. The right callout view is typically used to link to more detailed information about the annotation. In an iOS app, a common view to specify for this property is a button object whose type is set to UIButton.ButtonType.detailDisclosure.

In an iOS app, if the view you specify is also a descendant of the UIControl class, you can use the map view’s delegate to receive notifications when your control is tapped. If it does not descend from UIControl, your view is responsible for handling any touch events within its bounds.

In a macOS app, the callout view’s view controller can implement an action method that responds when a user clicks the control in a callout view.

See Also

Managing Callout Views

var canShowCallout: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the annotation view is able to display extra information in a callout bubble.

var leftCalloutAccessoryView: UIView?

The view to display on the left side of the standard callout bubble.

var detailCalloutAccessoryView: UIView?

The detail accessory view to be used in the standard callout.

var leftCalloutOffset: CGPoint

The offset in points from the middle-left of the annotation view.

var rightCalloutOffset: CGPoint

The offset in points from the middle-right of the annotation view.