A circular overlay with a configurable radius and centered on a specific geographic coordinate.


class MKCircle : MKShape


This class defines the portion of the map that the overlay covers. To draw the region, return a MKCircleRenderer object from the mapView(_:rendererFor:) method of your map view delegate.


Creating a Circle Overlay

init(center: CLLocationCoordinate2D, radius: CLLocationDistance)

Creates and returns an MKCircle object using the specified coordinate and radius.

init(mapRect: MKMapRect)

Creates and returns an MKCircle object where the circular area is derived from the specified rectangle.

Accessing the Overlay’s Attributes

var coordinate: CLLocationCoordinate2D

The center point of the circular area, specified as a latitude and longitude.

var radius: CLLocationDistance

The radius of the circular area, measured in meters.

var boundingMapRect: MKMapRect

The bounding rectangle of the circular area.


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class MKCircleRenderer

The visual representation for a circular overlay.

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