An annotation that groups two or more distinct annotations into a single entity.


@interface MKClusterAnnotation : NSObject


A cluster annotation object stands in for the group of annotations. Cluster views promote legibility of the underlying annotations by displaying a single annotation whose title is taken from one annotation and whose subtitle indicates how many additional annotations belong to the group.

MapKit automatically creates cluster annotations when two or more annotation views become grouped too closely together on the map surface. To customize the cluster annotations displayed on your map, implement the mapView:clusterAnnotationForMemberAnnotations: method in your map's delegate.


Creating a Cluster Annotation

- initWithMemberAnnotations:

Initializes the cluster annotations with the specified individual annotations.

Getting the Cluster Attributes


The title string to display for the group of annotations.


The subtitle string to display for the group of annotations.

Getting the Annotations


The annotations that are grouped together by the cluster.


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