A rectangular geographic region centered around a specific latitude and longitude.


struct MKCoordinateRegion


Creating a Region

init(center: CLLocationCoordinate2D, latitudinalMeters: CLLocationDistance, longitudinalMeters: CLLocationDistance)

Creates a new coordinate region from the specified coordinate and distance values.


Returns the region that corresponds to the specified map rectangle.

Getting the Region Coordinates

var center: CLLocationCoordinate2D

The center point of the region.

var span: MKCoordinateSpan

The horizontal and vertical span representing the amount of map to display.

See Also

Map Coordinates

struct MKCoordinateSpan

The width and height of a map region.

struct MKMapRect

A rectangular area on a two-dimensional map projection.

struct MKMapPoint

A point on a two-dimensional map projection.

struct MKMapSize

Width and height information on a two-dimensional map projection.

class MKDistanceFormatter

A utility object that converts between a geographic distance and a string-based expression of that distance.