The travel-time information returned by Apple servers.


class ETAResponse : NSObject


You do not create instances of this class directly. Instead, you initiate a request for the travel time by calling the calculateETA(completionHandler:) method of an MKDirections object. The completion handler you pass to that method receives an MKDirections.ETAResponse object with the results.


Getting the End Points

var source: MKMapItem

The start point of the route.

var destination: MKMapItem

The end point of the route.

Getting the Travel Information

var expectedTravelTime: TimeInterval

The expected travel time in seconds.

var expectedDepartureDate: Date

The expected departure time.

var expectedArrivalDate: Date

The expected arrival time.

var distance: CLLocationDistance

The expected travel distance, in meters.

var transportType: MKDirectionsTransportType

The type of conveyance used to determine the travel time.


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Getting the ETA

func calculateETA(completionHandler: MKDirections.ETAHandler)

Begins calculating the requested travel-time information asynchronously.

typealias MKDirections.ETAHandler

The block to use for processing travel-time information.