The decoded representation of a GeoJSON feature.


class MKGeoJSONFeature : NSObject


A feature is an object with associated geometry and optional properties in JSON that you define. MapKit exposes these optional properties, but treats them as opaque. MKGeoJSONFeature is one of the classes that can be returned by the GeoJSON decoder (MKGeoJSONDecoder).

See the GeoJSON standards specification RFC 7946 for more information about Feature objects.


Feature Properties

var geometry: [MKShape & MKGeoJSONObject]

The shape or shapes associated with the GeoJSON feature.

var identifier: String?

An optional identifier that is returned as a string.

var properties: Data?

Optional serialized JSON data that corresponds to the properties key.


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class MKGeoJSONDecoder

An object that decodes GeoJSON objects into MapKit types.

protocol MKGeoJSONObject

Objects that can be returned by the GeoJSON decoder.