The results from a map-based search.


class Response : NSObject


You do not create instances of this class directly. After initiating a map search using an MKLocalSearch object, MapKit passes an instance of this class to your completion handler.


Getting the Search Results

var mapItems: [MKMapItem]

An array of map items representing the search results.

var boundingRegion: MKCoordinateRegion

The map region that encloses the returned search results.


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Performing the Search

func start(completionHandler: MKLocalSearch.CompletionHandler)

Starts the search and delivers the results to the specified completion handler.

typealias MKLocalSearch.CompletionHandler

A completion handler block for a search operation.

var isSearching: Bool

A Boolean indicating whether the search is currently in progress.

func cancel()

Cancels an in-progress search operation.