Options that indicate types of search completions.


struct ResultType


Type Properties

static var address: MKLocalSearchCompleter.ResultType

Value indicating that address completions should be included in results.

static var pointOfInterest: MKLocalSearchCompleter.ResultType

Value indicating that point of interest completions should be included in results.

static var query: MKLocalSearchCompleter.ResultType

Value indicating that query completions should be included in results.


Conforms To

See Also

Specifying the Query Attributes

var queryFragment: String

The search string for which you want completions.

var region: MKCoordinateRegion

The region that defines the geographic scope of the search.

var resultTypes: MKLocalSearchCompleter.ResultType

The types of search completions to include.

var pointOfInterestFilter: MKPointOfInterestFilter?

A filter that lists point of interest categories to include or exclude in the search.

var filterType: MKLocalSearchCompleter.FilterType

The filter options for the search results.


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