Defines the methods for receiving search completion data.


protocol MKLocalSearchCompleterDelegate


You use this protocol when implementing an auto-complete solution that is tied to a map in your app. As the user types search terms, use an MKLocalSearchCompleter object to start searching for valid completions. The delegate you assign to that object must conform to this protocol. As it receives completions, the local search completer calls the methods of this protocol to deliver the results.


Getting the Search Results

func completerDidUpdateResults(MKLocalSearchCompleter)

Called when the specified search completer updates its array of search completions.

func completer(MKLocalSearchCompleter, didFailWithError: Error)

Called when the specified search completer is unable to generate a list of search results.


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Receiving the Search Results

var delegate: MKLocalSearchCompleterDelegate?

The object that receives the completion results.