Instance Property


The point of interest category for the map item.


var pointOfInterestCategory: MKPointOfInterestCategory? { get set }


If the map item does not correspond to a point of interest, or if the point of interest is not one of the known values listed in MKPointOfInterestCategory, pointOfInterestCategory is nil.

See Also

Accessing the Map Item Attributes

var placemark: MKPlacemark

The placemark object containing the location information.

var isCurrentLocation: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the map item represents the user’s current location.

var name: String?

The descriptive name associated with the map item.

var phoneNumber: String?

The phone number associated with a business at the specified location.

var url: URL?

The URL associated with the specified location.

var timeZone: TimeZone?

The time zone of the specified location.