Width and height information on a two-dimensional map projection.


struct MKMapSize


If you project the curved surface of the globe onto a flat surface, what you get is a two-dimensional version of a map where longitude lines appear to be parallel. Such maps are often used to show the entire surface of the globe all at once. An MKMapSize data structure represents a horizontal and vertical distance as measured on this two-dimensional map.


Getting Standard Map Sizes

Getting the Width and Height

var height: Double

The height of the specified area, measured in map points.

var width: Double

The width of the specified area, measured in map points.

Comparing Map Sizes

func MKMapSizeEqualToSize(MKMapSize, MKMapSize) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the two map sizes are equal.

Getting a Description of the Size

func MKStringFromMapSize(MKMapSize) -> String

Returns a formatted string for the specified map size.

See Also

Map Coordinates

struct MKCoordinateRegion

A rectangular geographic region centered around a specific latitude and longitude.

struct MKCoordinateSpan

The width and height of a map region.

struct MKMapRect

A rectangular area on a two-dimensional map projection.

struct MKMapPoint

A point on a two-dimensional map projection.

class MKDistanceFormatter

A utility object that converts between a geographic distance and a string-based expression of that distance.