Instance Method


Adds an array of annotation objects to the map view.


func addAnnotations(_ annotations: [MKAnnotation])



An array of annotation objects. Each object in the array must conform to the MKAnnotation protocol. The map view retains the individual annotation objects.

See Also

Annotating the Map

var annotations: [MKAnnotation]

The complete list of annotations associated with the receiver.

func addAnnotation(MKAnnotation)

Adds the specified annotation to the map view.

func removeAnnotation(MKAnnotation)

Removes the specified annotation object from the map view.

func removeAnnotations([MKAnnotation])

Removes an array of annotation objects from the map view.

func view(for: MKAnnotation)

Returns the annotation view associated with the specified annotation object, if any.

func annotations(in: MKMapRect)

Returns the annotation objects located in the specified map rectangle.

var annotationVisibleRect: CGRect

The visible rectangle where annotation views are currently being displayed.

func dequeueReusableAnnotationView(withIdentifier: String)

Returns a reusable annotation view located by its identifier.