Instance Method


Removes an array of annotation objects from the map view.


func removeAnnotations(_ annotations: [MKAnnotation])



The array of annotations to remove. Objects in the array must conform to the MKAnnotation protocol.


If any annotation object in the array has an associated annotation view, and if that view has a reuse identifier, this method removes the annotation view and queues it internally for later reuse. You can retrieve queued annotation views (and associate them with new annotations) using the dequeueReusableAnnotationView(withIdentifier:) method.

Removing annotation objects disassociates them from the map view entirely, preventing them from being displayed on the map. Thus, you would typically call this method only when you want to hide or delete the specified annotations.

See Also

Annotating the Map

var annotations: [MKAnnotation]

The complete list of annotations associated with the receiver.

func addAnnotation(MKAnnotation)

Adds the specified annotation to the map view.

func addAnnotations([MKAnnotation])

Adds an array of annotation objects to the map view.

func removeAnnotation(MKAnnotation)

Removes the specified annotation object from the map view.

func annotations(in: MKMapRect) -> Set<AnyHashable>

Returns the annotation objects located in the specified map rectangle.