Instance Method


Set the camera zoom range for the map view, specifying whether to use animation.


func setCameraZoomRange(_ cameraZoomRange: MKMapView.CameraZoomRange?, animated: Bool)

See Also

Constraining the Map View

Optimizing Map Views with Filtering and Camera Constraints

Display a map that is relevant to the user by filtering points of interest and search results, and constraining the visible region.

func setCameraBoundary(MKMapView.CameraBoundary?, animated: Bool)

Set the camera boundary for the map view, specifying whether to use animation.

var cameraBoundary: MKMapView.CameraBoundary?

The boundary of the area within which this map view's center must remain.

var cameraZoomRange: MKMapView.CameraZoomRange!

The zoom range applied to this map view.

class MKMapView.CameraBoundary

A boundary of an area within which the map's center must remain.

class MKMapView.CameraZoomRange

A range that determines the minimum and maximum distance of the camera to the center of the map.