Instance Method


Tells the delegate that the user tracking mode changed.


- (void)mapView:(MKMapView *)mapView didChangeUserTrackingMode:(MKUserTrackingMode)mode animated:(BOOL)animated;



The map view whose user tracking mode changed.


The mode used to track the user’s location.


If YES, the change from the current mode to the new mode is animated; otherwise, it is not. This parameter affects only tracking mode changes. Changes to the user location or heading are always animated.

See Also

Tracking the User Location

- mapViewWillStartLocatingUser:

Tells the delegate that the map view will start tracking the user’s position.

- mapViewDidStopLocatingUser:

Tells the delegate that the map view stopped tracking the user’s location.

- mapView:didUpdateUserLocation:

Tells the delegate that the location of the user was updated.

- mapView:didFailToLocateUserWithError:

Tells the delegate that an attempt to locate the user’s position failed.