An annotation view that displays a balloon-shaped marker at the designated location.


class MKMarkerAnnotationView : MKAnnotationView


Return an instance of this class from the mapView(_:viewFor:) method of your map view delegate when you want to display the same types of markers displayed by Maps.


Setting the Marker Color

var markerTintColor: UIColor?

The background color of the marker balloon.

Setting the Marker Content

var glyphText: String?

The text to display in the marker balloon.

var glyphImage: UIImage?

The image displayed in the marker balloon.

var glyphTintColor: UIColor?

The color to apply to the glyph text or image.

var selectedGlyphImage: UIImage?

The image to display when the marker is selected.

Setting the Visibility

var titleVisibility: MKFeatureVisibility

The visibility of the title text rendered below the marker balloon.

var subtitleVisibility: MKFeatureVisibility

The visibility of the subtitle text rendered below the marker balloon

enum MKFeatureVisibility

Constants indicating the visibility of different map features.

Animating the Marker onto the Screen

var animatesWhenAdded: Bool

A Boolean indicating whether the marker animates into position onscreen.

See Also

Point-Based Location

Annotating a Map with Custom Data

Annotate a map with location-specific data using default and customized annotation views and callouts.

class MKPointAnnotation

A concrete annotation object tied to the specified point on the map.

class MKPinAnnotationView

An annotation view that displays a pin image on the map.

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