Instance Property


The image to display when the marker is selected.


@NSCopying var selectedGlyphImage: UIImage? { get set }


The glyph image is displayed when the marker is in the selected state. This image is displayed only when the marker is selected. If you specify an image for this property, you should also specify an image in the glyphImage property.

Create glyph images as template images so that the glyph tint color can be applied to it. Set the size of this image to 40 by 40 points on iOS and 60 by 40 points on tvOS. MapKit scales images that are larger or smaller than those sizes.

See Also

Setting the Marker Content

var glyphText: String?

The text to display in the marker balloon.

var glyphImage: UIImage?

The image displayed in the marker balloon.

var glyphTintColor: UIColor?

The color to apply to the glyph text or image.