An abstract class that defines the common behavior shared by polyline and polygon overlays.


class MKMultiPoint : MKShape


You should not create instances of this class directly. Instead, you should create instances of the MKPolyline or MKPolygon classes. However, you can use the methods and property of this class to access information about the specific points associated with the line or polygon.


Accessing the Points in the Shape

func points() -> UnsafeMutablePointer<MKMapPoint>

Returns an array of map points associated with the shape.

var pointCount: Int

The number of points associated with the shape.

Getting Coordinate Values

func getCoordinates(UnsafeMutablePointer<CLLocationCoordinate2D>, range: NSRange)

Retrieves one or more points associated with the shape and converts them to coordinate values.


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Shared Behavior

class MKShape

An abstract class that defines the basic properties for all shape-based overlay objects.