Instance Method


Applies the receiver’s current fill-related drawing properties to the specified graphics context.


func applyFillProperties(to context: CGContext, atZoomScale zoomScale: MKZoomScale)



The graphics context used to draw the view’s contents.


The current zoom scale used for drawing.


This is a convenience method for applying all of the drawing properties used when filling a path. This method applies the current fill color to the specified graphics context.

See Also

Drawing the Path

func applyStrokeProperties(to: CGContext, atZoomScale: MKZoomScale)

Applies the receiver’s current stroke-related drawing properties to the specified graphics context.

func strokePath(CGPath, in: CGContext)

Draws a line along the specified path.

func fillPath(CGPath, in: CGContext)

Fills the area enclosed by the specified path.

var shouldRasterize: Bool

A Boolean that determines if the overlay is rendered as a bitmap before compositing.