Instance Property


The line cap style to apply to the open ends of the path.


var lineCap: CGLineCap { get set }


The line cap style applies to the start and end points of any open subpaths. This property does not affect closed subpaths. The default line cap style is CGLineCap.round.

See Also

Accessing the Drawing Attributes

var fillColor: UIColor?

The fill color to use for the path.

var strokeColor: UIColor?

The stroke color to use for the path.

var lineWidth: CGFloat

The stroke width to use for the path.

var lineJoin: CGLineJoin

The line join style to apply to corners of the path.

var miterLimit: CGFloat

The limiting value that helps avoid spikes at junctions between connected line segments.

var lineDashPhase: CGFloat

The offset (in points) at which to start drawing the dash pattern.

var lineDashPattern: [NSNumber]?

An array of numbers specifying the dash pattern to use for the path.