Instance Property


A Boolean that determines if the overlay is rendered as a bitmap before compositing.


@property(nonatomic, assign) BOOL shouldRasterize;


The default value is false.

Whenever possible, MapKit vectorizes overlay shapes by default so that they scale along with the map and remain sharp. In some case, you may wish to force an overlay to be rasterized and not vectorized. Set this variable to true to force the overlay to be rendered as a bitmap.

See Also

Drawing the Path

- applyStrokePropertiesToContext:atZoomScale:

Applies the receiver’s current stroke-related drawing properties to the specified graphics context.

- applyFillPropertiesToContext:atZoomScale:

Applies the receiver’s current fill-related drawing properties to the specified graphics context.

- strokePath:inContext:

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- fillPath:inContext:

Fills the area enclosed by the specified path.

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