Instance Method


Invalidates the entire contents of the overlay for all zoom scales.


func setNeedsDisplay()


This method causes the entire contents of the overlay to be redrawn during the next update cycle. This method invalidates the overlay regardless of the current zoom scale associated with the map.

See Also

Drawing the Overlay

func canDraw(MKMapRect, zoomScale: MKZoomScale) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the overlay view is ready to draw its content.

func draw(MKMapRect, zoomScale: MKZoomScale, in: CGContext)

Draws the overlay’s contents at the specified location on the map.

func setNeedsDisplay(MKMapRect)

Invalidates the specified portion of the overlay at all zoom scales

func setNeedsDisplay(MKMapRect, zoomScale: MKZoomScale)

Invalidates the specified portion of the overlay but only at the specified zoom scale.

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