One portion of an overall route.


class Step : NSObject


Each MKRoute.Step object corresponds to a single instruction that would need to be followed by the user when navigating between two points. For example, a step might involve following a single road until a turn is required.

You do not create instances of this class directly. An MKRoute object contains the MKRoute.Step objects associated with a route. For more information about requesting directions, see MKDirections.


Getting the Step Geometry

var polyline: MKPolyline

The detailed step geometry.

Getting Additional Step Details

var instructions: String

The written instructions for following the path represented by this step.

var notice: String?

Additional notices that apply to the step.

var distance: CLLocationDistance

The step distance in meters.

var transportType: MKDirectionsTransportType

The transport type of the step.


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See Also

Getting the Route Geometry

var polyline: MKPolyline

The detailed route geometry.

var steps: [MKRoute.Step]

The array of steps that comprise the overall route.