Instance Method


Converts an address to geographic coordinates.


Number lookup(String place, function callback, optional GeocoderLookupOptions options);



A case-insensitive string to be converted to geographic coordinates: for example: "450 Serra Mall", "450 Serra Mall, Stanford", "450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA USA". Delimiter characters are optional.


Geocoding results are returned asynchronously via a callback function. This callback function is invoked with two arguments, error on failure and data on success. error contains an error code and text description of the error. data is an object with the following property:

  • results. An array of Place objects. Each Place object has several properties. If there is no match, results is an empty array.


The geocoder returns the most relevant results for a query. For example, a query for “Paris” will return results for Paris, France. Use GeocoderLookupOptions to constrain the search to specific countries, or to a desired area with a coordinate or region.

Return Value

This method returns a request ID, which is an integer that can be passed to cancel to abort a pending request.


Geocoding converts a human-readable address to latitude and longitude coordinates. You can use mapkit.Geocoder to look up coordinates for a city, landmark, or address.

See Also

Getting Geocoder Results


Options that constrain geocoder lookup results to a specific area or set a language for results.


Converts a geographic coordinate to an address.


An option that constrains reverse lookup results to a specific language.


The response from a geocoder lookup or reverse lookup.


A place object returned from a geocoder lookup or reverse lookup.