MapKit JS

Embed interactive Apple maps on your website, annotate points of interest, and perform geo-related searches.


You can use this JavaScript API to embed interactive maps directly into your webpages. Similar to MapKit for apps, you can also add annotations and overlays to the map to call out points of interest or user destinations.

Webpage with a MapKit JS map.

MapKit JS requires authorization via JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for initialization and some API calls. You obtain a key used to create the token when you complete the setup in your Apple Developer account.


MapKit JS

Creating a Maps Identifier and a Private Key

Create a Maps Identifer and a private key before generating tokens for MapKit JS.

Creating and Using Tokens with MapKit JS

Learn how to create JSON Web Tokens to use with MapKit JS.

MapKit JS Release Notes

Learn about updates, bug fixes, and API changes for MapKit JS.

Loading the Latest or a Specific Version of MapKit JS

Link to the most recent version of MapKit JS or a version of your choice.


The JavaScript API for embedding Apple maps on your website.