The MLMediaSource class identifies a specific provider of media. Conceptually, a media source respresents a single app, such as iTunes or Aperture. Each media source contains multiple groups of media objects—individual files containing a piece of media such as a photo, song, or movie.


class MLMediaSource : NSObject


The structure of the group hierarchy is specific to each media source, but all sources have certain commonalities. For example, every source has a single root media group, which contains all groups and objects within that source. It is the highest-level parent group in the hierarchy and each of its descendant groups contains its own subgroups and their objects. All groups have a reference to their parent within the hierarchy. A group with no descendants contains only its own objects. If a media group does not contain any objects, it is not visible in the hierarchy.

Every media source has a unique media source identifier within a single media library instance. For a list of possible media source identifiers, see Media Source Identifiers.

All MLMediaSource properties are read-only, so this information can be accessed but not altered.


Identifying the Source

var mediaSourceIdentifier: String

A unique identifier for the media source.

var mediaLibrary: MLMediaLibrary?

A pointer to the media library instance that loaded this media source.

Accessing Source Attributes

var attributes: [String : Any]

A list of attributes describing the media source.

Accessing the Root Media Group

var rootMediaGroup: MLMediaGroup?

The base media group in the media source that contains all other groups within the source as descendant elements.

Accessing Media

func mediaGroup(forIdentifier: String) -> MLMediaGroup?

Returns the media group with the specified identifier.

func mediaGroups(forIdentifiers: [String]) -> [String : MLMediaGroup]

Returns the media groups with the specified identifiers.

func mediaObject(forIdentifier: String) -> MLMediaObject?

Returns the media object with the specified identifier.

func mediaObjects(forIdentifiers: [String]) -> [String : MLMediaObject]

Returns the media objects with the specified identifiers.


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