Handling External Player Events Notifications

Handle events for external media players.


Apps that play audio or video content receive player events to start and stop playback, change tracks, and even rate an item. All iOS apps that create their own media player, macOS apps, and external media apps should support these events.

To receive player event notifications, do the following:

• Use the shared MPRemoteCommandCenter object to register handlers for the events you wish to handle and to disable the events you are not interested in receiving.

• Begin playing your content. Your app must be the Now Playing app. An app does not receive remote control events until it begins playing content. Test that your app is properly receiving and handling remote control events with Control Center, which you access by swiping up from the bottom edge of your screen. These controls send remote control events to the app that is currently or was most recently playing. You can also access the playback controls from the lock screen of the device.

You can ensure that your app interacts well with other apps handling remote control events by following the best practices laid out in the Becoming a Now Playable App sample code project.

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