Instance Property


A Boolean value that indicates whether a media item is container of other items.


var isContainer: Bool { get set }


When set to true, the designated content item is identified as being able to contain other content items. For example, an album is a container that holds multiple songs.

See Also

Retrieving Information About a Media Item

var artwork: MPMediaItemArtwork?

A single image that is associated with the media item.

var isExplicitContent: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the media item contains explicit content.

var identifier: String

The unique identifier for the media item.

var isPlayable: Bool

Determines if a media item is able to be played.

var isStreamingContent: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the content item is streaming content.

var playbackProgress: Float

The amount of content that has been played for the media item.

var subtitle: String?

A secondary designator for the media item.

var title: String?

The public name of the media item.