Instance Property


The unique identifier for the media item.


var identifier: String { get }


All media items must have a unique identifier. Identifiers must be unique so that Media Player can properly update existing media items or add new media items. Media items will not update properly if multiple media items have the same identifier.

See Also

Retrieving Information About a Media Item

var artwork: MPMediaItemArtwork?

A single image that is associated with the media item.

var isContainer: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether a media item is container of other items.

var isExplicitContent: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the media item contains explicit content.

var isPlayable: Bool

Determines if a media item is able to be played.

var isStreamingContent: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the content item is streaming content.

var playbackProgress: Float

The amount of content that has been played for the media item.

var subtitle: String?

A secondary designator for the media item.

var title: String?

The public name of the media item.