Returns the object specified by the key.


subscript(key: Any) -> Any? { get }



The key associated with the retrieved object.

Return Value

The object that is specified by the key.


The method provides read-only support for Objective-C subscripting syntax with MPMediaEntity property constants.

See Also

Working with Media Properties

class func canFilter(byProperty: String) -> Bool

Indicates if a media property key can be used to construct a media property predicate.

func enumerateValues(forProperties: Set<String>, using: (String, Any, UnsafeMutablePointer<ObjCBool>) -> Void)

Executes a provided block with the fetched values for the given item properties.

var persistentID: MPMediaEntityPersistentID

The persistent identifier for a media entity.

func value(forProperty: String) -> Any?

Retrieves the value for a specified media property key.

typealias MPMediaEntityPersistentID

Defines the type for storing a persistent identifier to a particular entity.