Type Method


Obtains the persistent identifier key for a specified grouping type.


class func persistentIDProperty(forGroupingType groupingType: MPMediaGrouping) -> String



The grouping type that you want the persistent identifier key for.

Return Value

The identifier for the group type.


Use this convenience method to obtain the key for a specific persistent identifier based on a grouping type. You can use that key, in turn, to obtain the value of a specific persistent ID of a media item, such as album title or artist name. Using this method simplifies such tasks as drilling down from an artist, to albums by that artist, to a specific album.

For example, the following statement returns the persistent identifier key for the album grouping type:

let albumIDKey = [MPMediaItem.persistentIDProperty(forGroupingType: MPMediaGrouping.album)]

You could then obtain the specific persistent ID that you want by using the value(forProperty:) method. Grouping keys are described in MPMediaGrouping.

See Also

Obtaining Group Properties

class func titleProperty(forGroupingType: MPMediaGrouping) -> String

Obtains the title key for a specified grouping type.