User-Defined Property Keys

Contains properties used to obtain user-defined metadata for a media item.


Obtain user-defined metadata for a media item by calling the value(forProperty:) method with these property keys. User-defined properties cannot be used to build media property predicates.


User-Defined Property Keys

let MPMediaItemPropertySkipCount: String

The number of times the user has skipped playing the item.

let MPMediaItemPropertyRating: String

The user-specified rating of the object in the range [0...5], where a value of 5 indicates the most favorable rating.

let MPMediaItemPropertyLastPlayedDate: String

The most recent calendar date on which the user played the media item.

let MPMediaItemPropertyUserGrouping: String

Corresponds to the “Grouping” field in the Info tab in the Get Info dialog in iTunes.

let MPMediaItemPropertyBookmarkTime: String

The user’s place in the media item the most recent time it was played.

let MPMediaItemPropertyDateAdded: String

The date the media item was added to the user's Media library.

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