A graphical image, such as music album cover art, associated with a media item.


class MPMediaItemArtwork : NSObject


Resizing Existing Artwork

init(boundsSize: CGSize, requestHandler: (CGSize) -> UIImage)

Creates a new image from existing artwork with the specified bounds.

Using a Media Item Image

func image(at: CGSize) -> UIImage?

Returns the artwork image for an item at the given size.

var bounds: CGRect

The maximum size, in points, of the image associated with the media item artwork.

Deprecated Methods and Properties

init(image: UIImage)

Initializes a media item artwork instance with a full-size image.

var imageCropRect: CGRect

The bounds, in points, of the content area for the full size image associated with the media item artwork.


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See Also

Media Items and Playlists

class MPMediaItem

A collection of properties that represents a single item contained in the media library.

class MPMediaItemCollection

A sorted set of media items from the media library.

class MPMediaPlaylist

A playable collection of related media items.

class MPMediaPlaylistCreationMetadata

A set of attributes used to describe a playlist when the playlist is first created.

class MPMediaEntity

The abstract superclass for media items, media item collections, and media playlist instances.