A range of media items or media item collections from within a media query.


class MPMediaQuerySection : NSObject


You can use sections when displaying a query’s items or collections in your app’s user interface. You obtain an array of media query sections by using the itemSections or collectionSections properties of a media query (an instance of the MPMediaQuery class). The property values of a media query section are read-only.


Working with Media Query Sections

var title: String

The localized title of the media query section.

var range: NSRange

The range in the media query's items or collections array that is represented by the media query section.


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See Also

Media Item Queries

Using Filters to Create Specialized Queries

Add a filter set to a query before populating a music player queue.

class MPMediaQuery

A query that specifies a set of media items from the device’s media library by way of a filter and a grouping type.

class MPMediaPropertyPredicate

A set of predicates that define a filter used in a media query.

class MPMediaPredicate

An abstract class that defines classes for filtering media in a media query.