A single piece of information for a movie access log.


class MPMovieAccessLogEvent : NSObject


For a description of movie access logs, see MPMovieAccessLog.


Movie Access Log Event Properties

var numberOfSegmentsDownloaded: Int

A count of media segments downloaded from the web server to your app.

var playbackStartDate: Date!

The timestamp for when playback began for the movie log access event.

var uri: String!

The URI of the playback item.

var serverAddress: String!

The IP address of the web server that was the source of the last delivered media segment. Can be either an IPv4 or an IPv6 address.

var numberOfServerAddressChanges: Int

A count of changes to the serverAddress property over the last uninterrupted period of playback.

var playbackSessionID: String!

A GUID that identifies the playback session. This value is used in HTTP requests.

var playbackStartOffset: TimeInterval

An offset into the playlist where the last uninterrupted period of playback began, in seconds.

var segmentsDownloadedDuration: TimeInterval

The accumulated duration of the media downloaded, in seconds.

var durationWatched: TimeInterval

The accumulated duration of the media played, in seconds.

var numberOfStalls: Int

The total number of playback stalls encountered.

var numberOfBytesTransferred: Int64

The accumulated number of bytes transferred.

var observedBitrate: Double

The empirical throughput across all media downloaded for the movie player, in bits per second.

var indicatedBitrate: Double

The throughput required to play the stream, as advertised by the web server, in bits per second.

var numberOfDroppedVideoFrames: Int

The total number of dropped video frames.


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Deprecated Symbols

class MPMovieAccessLog

Key metrics about network playback for an associated movie player that is playing streamed content.

class MPMovieErrorLog

Data describing network resource playback failures for the associated movie player, including timestamps indicating when each failure occurred.

class MPMovieErrorLogEvent

A single piece of information for a movie error log.

struct MPMovieLoadState

Constants describing the network load state of the movie player.

struct MPMovieMediaTypeMask

The types of content available in the movie file.

class MPMoviePlayerController

A type of movie player that manages the playback of a movie from a file or a network stream.

class MPMoviePlayerViewController

A simple view controller for displaying full-screen movies.

class MPTimedMetadata

A timed metadata object that carries time-based information within HTTP streamed media.