A single piece of information for a movie error log.


class MPMovieErrorLogEvent : NSObject


All movie error log event properties are read-only. For a description of movie error logs, see MPMovieErrorLog.


Movie Error Log Event Properties

var date: Date!

The date and time when the error occurred.

var uri: String!

The URI of the item being played when the error occurred.

var serverAddress: String!

The IP address of the web server that was the source of the error.

var playbackSessionID: String!

A GUID (globally unique identifier) for the playback session.

var errorStatusCode: Int

A unique error code identifier.

var errorDomain: String!

The network domain of the error.

var errorComment: String!

A description of the error.


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Deprecated Symbols

class MPMovieAccessLog

Key metrics about network playback for an associated movie player that is playing streamed content.

class MPMovieAccessLogEvent

A single piece of information for a movie access log.

class MPMovieErrorLog

Data describing network resource playback failures for the associated movie player, including timestamps indicating when each failure occurred.

struct MPMovieLoadState

Constants describing the network load state of the movie player.

struct MPMovieMediaTypeMask

The types of content available in the movie file.

class MPMoviePlayerController

A type of movie player that manages the playback of a movie from a file or a network stream.

class MPMoviePlayerViewController

A simple view controller for displaying full-screen movies.

class MPTimedMetadata

A timed metadata object that carries time-based information within HTTP streamed media.


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