Instance Method


Captures one or more thumbnail images asynchronously from the current movie.


func requestThumbnailImages(atTimes playbackTimes: [Any]!, timeOption option: MPMovieTimeOption)



An array of NSNumber objects containing the times at which to capture the thumbnail images. Each time value represents the number of seconds from the beginning of the current movie.


The option to use when determining which specific frame to use for each thumbnail image. For a list of possible values, see MPMovieTimeOption.


This method processes each thumbnail request separately and asynchronously. When the results for a single image arrive, the movie player posts a MPMoviePlayerThumbnailImageRequestDidFinish notification with the results for that image. Notifications are posted regardless of whether the image capture was successful or failed. You should register for this notification prior to calling this method.

See Also

Generating Thumbnail Images

func thumbnailImage(atTime: TimeInterval, timeOption: MPMovieTimeOption) -> UIImage!

Captures and returns a thumbnail image from the current movie.

func cancelAllThumbnailImageRequests()

Cancels all pending asynchronous thumbnail image requests.