Instance Property


The network load state of the movie player.


var loadState: MPMovieLoadState { get }


See the MPMovieLoadState enumeration for possible values of this property. To be notified of changes to the load state of a movie player, register for the MPMoviePlayerLoadStateDidChange notification.

See Also

Controlling and Monitoring Playback

var playbackState: MPMoviePlaybackState

The current playback state of the movie player.

var initialPlaybackTime: TimeInterval

The time, specified in seconds within the video timeline, when playback should start.

var endPlaybackTime: TimeInterval

The end time (measured in seconds) for playback of the movie.

var shouldAutoplay: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether a movie should begin playback automatically.

var readyForDisplay: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether the first video frame of the movie is ready to be displayed.

var repeatMode: MPMovieRepeatMode

Determines how the movie player repeats the playback of the movie.

var timedMetadata: [Any]!

Obtains the most recent time-based metadata provided by the streamed movie.


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