A simple view controller for displaying full-screen movies.


class MPMoviePlayerViewController : UIViewController


Unlike using an MPMoviePlayerController object on its own to present a movie immediately, you can incorporate a movie player view controller wherever you would normally use a view controller. For example, you can present it using a tab bar or navigation bar-based interface, taking advantage of the transitions offered by those interfaces.

To present a movie player view controller modally, you typically use the presentMoviePlayerViewControllerAnimated(_:) method. This method is part of a category on the UIViewController class and is implemented by the Media Player framework. The presentMoviePlayerViewControllerAnimated(_:) method presents a movie player view controller using the standard transition animations for presenting video content. To dismiss a modally presented movie player view controller, call the dismissMoviePlayerViewControllerAnimated() method.


New Methods

init!(contentURL: URL!)

Returns a movie player view controller initialized with the specified movie.

var moviePlayer: MPMoviePlayerController!

The movie player controller object used to present the movie.

See Also

Deprecated Symbols

class MPMovieAccessLog

Key metrics about network playback for an associated movie player that is playing streamed content.

class MPMovieAccessLogEvent

A single piece of information for a movie access log.

class MPMovieErrorLog

Data describing network resource playback failures for the associated movie player, including timestamps indicating when each failure occurred.

class MPMovieErrorLogEvent

A single piece of information for a movie error log.

struct MPMovieLoadState

Constants describing the network load state of the movie player.

struct MPMovieMediaTypeMask

The types of content available in the movie file.

class MPMoviePlayerController

A type of movie player that manages the playback of a movie from a file or a network stream.

class MPTimedMetadata

A timed metadata object that carries time-based information within HTTP streamed media.