A grouped set of language options where only a single language option can be active at a time.


class MPNowPlayingInfoLanguageOptionGroup : NSObject


The MPNowPlayingInfoLanguageOptionGroup and MPNowPlayingInfoLanguageOption classes provide interfaces for setting information about language options; for example audio and subtitles, in the now playing information area.


Creating a New Language Option Group

Retrieving Language Option Group Information

var allowEmptySelection: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether selecting a language option in the group is required at all times.

var defaultLanguageOption: MPNowPlayingInfoLanguageOption?

The default language option for the group.

var languageOptions: [MPNowPlayingInfoLanguageOption]

The available language options for the group.


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See Also

Now Playing Information

class MPNowPlayingInfoCenter

An object that you use to set now-playing information for media being played by your app.

class MPNowPlayingInfoLanguageOption

A set of interfaces used to set the language option for the now-playing item.

Language Option Characteristic Constants

The constants used to define language characteristics.