An object representing the current state of the playable endpoint.


class MPPlayableContentManagerContext : NSObject


Inspecting Content Manager Properties

var contentLimitsEnforced: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether contents limits are enforced by the content server.

var endpointAvailable: Bool

Returns a Boolean value representing whether the content server is available.

var enforcedContentItemsCount: Int

Returns the number of content items that are displayed when content limiting is enforced.

var enforcedContentTreeDepth: Int

The maximum depth of the navigation hierarchy allowed by the content server.

var contentLimitsEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether contents limits are enabled by the content server.



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External Media Player Items

class MPContentItem

An object containing the information for a particular media item that is displayed to the user.

class MPPlayableContentManager

A shared content manager used to control interactions between your media app and system-provided or external media player interfaces.

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