Instance Method


Adds a block to be called when an event is received.


func addTarget(handler: @escaping (MPRemoteCommandEvent) -> MPRemoteCommandHandlerStatus) -> Any



A block object to handle the MPRemoteCommandEvent.

Return Value

An opaque object associated with the designated handler.


Call the addTarget(handler:) method to add a block to be called. Remove the handler by calling the removeTarget(_:) method, passing in the object returned by this method.

See Also

Handling Events

func addTarget(Any, action: Selector)

Adds a target object to be called when an event is received.

func removeTarget(Any?)

Removes a target from the remote command object.

func removeTarget(Any, action: Selector?)

Removes a target and action from a remote command object.

enum MPRemoteCommandHandlerStatus

Constants indicating the status of a command.