An object that defines the skip intervals for the player.


class MPSkipIntervalCommand : MPRemoteCommand


You use a skip interval to move the playback of a media item, forward or backward, the indicated number of seconds. For example, a forward skip interval of 30 seconds at 2 minutes and 30 seconds into a song would immediately jump to 3 minutes into the song and continue playing. The content skipped is not played.


Retrieving Skip Intervals

var preferredIntervals: [NSNumber]

The available skip intervals, in seconds, for a media item.


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Responding to Track Navigation Events

class MPChangePlaybackPositionCommand

An object that responds to requests to change the current playback position of the item being played.

class MPChangePlaybackPositionCommandEvent

An event requesting a change in the playback position.

class MPSeekCommandEvent

An event requesting that the player seek to a new position.

class MPSkipIntervalCommandEvent

An event requesting a change in the current skip interval.