A timed metadata object that carries time-based information within HTTP streamed media.


class MPTimedMetadata : NSObject


Content providers can embed these objects when creating a stream. The properties and constants in this class let you extract the metadata as you play the stream using an MPMoviePlayerController object. For example, the provider of a live sports video stream could use MPTimedMetadata instances to embed game scores, with timestamps, in the stream. On the client side—that is, on the user’s device—their application could employ the properties of this class to update their app’s user interface in real time during the game.

A Javascript implementation of this class is also available for use by web-based applications.


Extracting Timed Metadata from a Stream

var allMetadata: [AnyHashable : Any]!

A dictionary containing all the metadata in the object.

var key: String!

A key that identifies a piece of timed metadata.

var keyspace: String!

The namespace of the identifying key.

var timestamp: TimeInterval

The timestamp of the metadata, in the timebase of the media stream.

var value: Any!

The timed metadata.


Timed Metadata Dictionary Keys

Dictionary keys for use with the allMetadata property. All keys are optional.


let MPMoviePlayerTimedMetadataUserInfoKey: String

An NSDictionary object containing the most recent MPTimedMetadata objects.


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Deprecated Symbols

class MPMovieAccessLog

Key metrics about network playback for an associated movie player that is playing streamed content.

class MPMovieAccessLogEvent

A single piece of information for a movie access log.

class MPMovieErrorLog

Data describing network resource playback failures for the associated movie player, including timestamps indicating when each failure occurred.

class MPMovieErrorLogEvent

A single piece of information for a movie error log.

struct MPMovieLoadState

Constants describing the network load state of the movie player.

struct MPMovieMediaTypeMask

The types of content available in the movie file.

class MPMoviePlayerController

A type of movie player that manages the playback of a movie from a file or a network stream.

class MPMoviePlayerViewController

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