Initializes a sticker with the contents of the URL and the localized description.


init(contentsOfFileURL fileURL: URL, localizedDescription: String) throws



A URL for the image displayed by this sticker. This URL must refer to a file saved on the device. The file must be a PNG, APNG, GIF, or JPEG, and must be less than 500 KB. For the best results, the image should not be smaller than 100 x 100 points or larger than 206 x 206 points. Always provide @3x images (300 x 300 pixels to 618 x 618 pixels). The system generates the @2x and @1x versions by downscaling the @3x images at runtime.


A succinct, localized description of the sticker. The description is limited to 150 Unicode characters. The system uses this string as an accessibility description of the sticker.


An output parameter for errors. If an error occurs while loading the image file, this method assigns an NSError object to this parameter, and returns nil. The error object describes the problem.

Return Value

A newly initialized sticker object, or nil if an error occurs.