Use the MSStickerView class to display sticker objects. The sticker view also provides drag-and-drop functionality. The user can press and hold a sticker to peel it from the view, and then drag the sticker to any balloon in the transcript.


Working with Sticker Views

init(frame: CGRect, sticker: MSSticker?)

Initializes a new sticker view with the provided sticker and frame.

var sticker: MSSticker?

The displayed sticker object.

Controlling Sticker Animation

var animationDuration: TimeInterval

The amount of time it takes to complete the sticker’s animation.

func isAnimating()

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the sticker is animating.

func startAnimating()

Starts the sticker’s animation, beginning with the first frame.

func stopAnimating()

Stops the sticker’s animation.