A view for displaying a sticker.


class MSStickerView : UIView


Use the MSStickerView class to display stickers. The sticker view also provides drag-and-drop functionality. The user can press and hold a sticker to peel it from the view, and then drag the sticker to any balloon in the transcript.


Working with Sticker Views

init(frame: CGRect, sticker: MSSticker?)

Initializes a new sticker view with the provided sticker and frame.

var sticker: MSSticker?

The displayed sticker object.

Controlling Sticker Animation

var animationDuration: TimeInterval

The amount of time it takes to complete the sticker’s animation.

func isAnimating() -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the sticker is animating.

func startAnimating()

Starts the sticker’s animation, beginning with the first frame.

func stopAnimating()

Stops the sticker’s animation.

See Also

Custom Sticker Packs

class MSStickerBrowserViewController

A view controller that provides dynamic content to the standard sticker browser.

class MSStickerBrowserView

A browser view that displays a dynamically generated list of stickers.

enum MSStickerSize

The size of the stickers in the browser view.