Returns a reference to the preferred default Metal device object.


func MTLCreateSystemDefaultDevice() -> MTLDevice?

Return Value

A device object.


In macOS, in order for the system to provide a default Metal device object, you must link to the CoreGraphics framework. You usually need to do this explicitly if you are writing apps that don't use graphics by default, such as command line tools.

See Also

Acquiring Device Objects

func MTLCopyAllDevices() -> [MTLDevice]

Returns an array of references to all Metal device objects in the system.

func MTLCopyAllDevicesWithObserver(handler: MTLDeviceNotificationHandler) -> (devices: [MTLDevice], observer: NSObject)

Fetches the available Metal devices and registers a notification observer for changes to the list.

func MTLRemoveDeviceObserver(NSObjectProtocol)

Removes a registered observer of device notifications.