GPU Selection in macOS

Select one or more GPUs on which to run your Metal code by considering GPU capabilities, power, or performance characteristics.


Selecting GPUs on Mac

Discover the different GPUs that may be available on a system.

Selecting Device Objects for Graphics Rendering

Switch dynamically between multiple GPUs to efficiently render to a display.

Selecting Device Objects for Compute Processing

Switch dynamically between multiple GPUs to efficiently execute a compute-intensive simulation.

Finding GPUs on macOS

Obtain, identify, and choose suitable GPUs for your app.

Getting the GPU that Drives a View's Display

Keep up to date with the optimal device for your display.

Handling External GPU Additions and Removals

Register and respond to external GPU notifications initiated by a user.

Working with External and Multi-GPU Setups

Understanding External GPUs

Learn how to support external GPUs in your macOS apps and games.

Understanding Multi-GPU and Multi-Display Setups

Learn about the different ways that a user can connect external GPUs and external displays to a Mac computer.

Understanding GPU Bandwidth

Learn about some of the main factors that affect bandwidth between a GPU and a system on a Mac.

See Also


Getting the Default GPU

Select the system's default GPU device on which to run your Metal code.

protocol MTLDevice

The Metal interface to a GPU that you use to draw graphics or do parallel computation.

GPU Features

Find feature information for specific GPU families.