Instance Method


Returns a pointer for an inlined constant data argument in the argument buffer.



func constantData(at index: Int) -> UnsafeMutableRawPointer



The index of the inlined constant data argument within the argument buffer. This value corresponds to either the index ID of a Metal shading language declaration or the index field of a MTLArgumentDescriptor object.


Constants declared contiguously in the Metal shading language (in an array or struct) are contiguous in memory. You can encode contiguous ranges of inlined constant data through a pointer to the first constant.

To encode inlined constant data into the argument buffer, perform a memory copy operation from your data’s source pointer to the returned destination pointer.

Listing 1

Encoding inlined constant data

let sourceConstants: [SourceConstants] = [
    // Inlined constant data
    /* ... */
let destinationPointer = abEncoder.constantData(: 0)
destinationPointer.copyBytes(from: sourceConstants, count: MemoryLayout<SourceConstants>.size)

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